Kontagent Lands $1.25M

San Francisco-based Kontagent, a developer of Facebook social analytics tools, announced today that it has raised $1.25M in funding. The funding included $250K from the Facebook Fund, plus $1M in funding from angel investors Jameson Hsu (MochiMedia), James Hong (HotorNot), Benjamin Sun (CommunityConnect), Auren Hoffman (RapLeaf), Greg Thomson (TallTreeGames/Yoville), Mike Sego (Gaia), as well as Naval Ravikant (The Hit Forge) and Extreme Ventures. Kontagent's products are used by casual game publishers to track their Facebook games. The firm said its clients include PopCap Games, Real Networks, Gaia Online, TenCent, Paramount, PlayFirst,, ThreeRings, Conduit Labs, MetaPlace, and others. More information »